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The Video Walk Through of the Colne Valley Postal History Museum

Join Curator Steve Knight in a series of 10 short videos made during the first 2020 lockdown as he explains what's in the collection and highlights some personal favourites from the several thousand objects in the displays.

James Ludlow & Son

An introduction to James Ludlow & Son and fascinating archive material. Or take this short cut to:

The Ludlow Tour of Britain

Explore Britain by Ludlow postbox! Hundreds of Ludlows from all over the UK photographed and scaled for direct comparison, where is your nearest Ludlow? Now more than 250 shown.

A short history of the British pillar box

When were the first boxes erected? Where were they? Who commissioned them? How many are left? Find the answers to these and more questions in this short history of the Pillar Box.

Postboxes on Stamps

Philately and the Letter Box. Many countries have featured British post boxes on their stamps - here are a selection of our favourites.

Post Office Direction Signs

A short essay on PODS with examples from our collection

Stamp Vending Machines

Learn about Stamp vending machines - both stamp coil and stamp booklet types. Now runs to two pages of pics from across the UK

Intellikey - Computerising the Postbox

A short description of the ill-fated attempt to computerise postal collections in Northampton.

Halstead Crown Post Office -

One of the most efficient and popular crown Post Offices in the country closed in November 2006;

in February 2007 half the staff opened a new SPO at Greenstead Green.

Our Street Jewelry Collection

Take a look at some of the fascinating way-side signs that once adorned our streets like jewellry

The National AA Village Signs Collection

Once there were 30000 of them around the UK, today there are just 70 in situ, but we've found 200 others for you to enjoy...

K is for Kiosk

A personal perspective from the Curator on the great British telephone Kiosk, from K1 to KX100. Now fully revised with more pics!

Railwayana Collection

You've seen glimpses in the background of some site photos - you asked us to post them here and we did!