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Languard Fort

Here I am with a real Bren Gun and "Tommy" helmet on a visit to Languard Fort near Felixstowe. I made my own gas mask when we studied WWII at school.

Vampire T11

Here's me getting ready to take off in a de Haviland Vampire T.11 at the excellent de Haviland Aircraft Museum at London Colney. I like flying!


I liked climbing the old apple tree in our garden


I enjoyed our visit to Brighton with Dorothie, a French language student who stayed with us. I had a model Carbine gun which I bought that day for 1!

Sabre Battle

When Star Wars Episode II came out, my Dad bought us both Light Sabres. I chose the blue one carried by Annekin Skywalker and Matt chose Count Duku's red one. We had great fun fighting with them at Framlingham Castle and in our garden.

Car Wash

Washing my Mum's car can be great fun!

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