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Our Pets - History

Matt with Lodz

Lodz looking regal

Our favorite pet of all time (so far) was a Maine Coon cat cross called Lodz. That's pronounced "Woodge" and he was named after the second city of Poland. Why? Because originally he had a brother called Katowice, named because he was black & grey like the city! So Lodz was nearly Gdansk, but in the end we thought he looked so cute he was really just a Woodgelet back then. 17.5 years later he finally passed on with kidney failure.

He was not really doing much in his final years; apart from sleep and eat and half-heartedly hunt birds. Although he did wait patiently for 6 hours in the rain until a rat emerged from under our neighbour's conservatory. Lodz caught and killed it. Together with Digby (recently deceased cat of said neighbour) Lodz notched up 19 rats in total from that nest before the Pest Exterminator arrived; not a bad tally for a cat who was the equivalent of 105 years old!



Muse the mighty hunter - about 7 weeks old.

Rush taking it easy in the garden, also about 7 weeks.


Our new cats arrived in JUly 2011. They are Domestic Long Hair crossed with Norwegian Forest cat apparently. We named them Muse (male) and Rush (female); although Muse soon became Muesli! They are very playful and love attention.

View them in our gallery on Flickr here: Cats Gallery on Flickr

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